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Our Guiding Statements

The Ostrava International School strives to create a caring community of lifelong learners, each equipped with the knowledge and skills to be successful in an ever-evolving world.

As an advocate of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and a champion of the IB Learner Profile, we nurture young people to grow and fulfil their personal and academic potential with dignity and respect.

TOIS Mission

Our Mission is our Essential Agreement with the entire community, consisting of students, parents, staff, and partners. Everything we say at TOIS must be reflected in our actions and be in line with our Mission.

TOIS Mission by Primary School Students

Discovering at TOIS 

“At TOIS I am discovering new skills I didn’t know about or I didn’t use.”

“Discovering at TOIS for me means learning new things, coming up with new ideas and projects, discovering new cultures, and people from all over the world! I really enjoy it!”

“I discover everything new. New relationships, education, thoughts of people, and seeing the world from another person’s eye.”

Connecting at TOIS

“Connecting is the next stage of discovery. We speak with our friends and classmates to gather information. We can learn new things and build a big understanding of the topic. We also make connections between different subjects to build a main idea of the topic.”

“Connecting is when two or more people come and help, share or want to change something together.”

“I think that TOIS wants us to connect with other people or nationalities so we never discriminate against people or make people feel sad because they are different.”

“Connecting at TOIS for me means listening to others and making our new ideas getting inspired by them. Connecting the future, past and present.”

Achieving at TOIS 

“For me, achieving at TOIS means completing projects, growing, getting ideas, and accomplishing them. Reaching our dream goals, learning new things, and understanding it bit by bit until we completely understand it.”

“Achieving is accomplishing big and small goals we promise to ourselves. We say to us we want something, and TOIS helps us find the key to the door.”

“Achieving at TOIS means connecting our work with real life.”

TOIS Values

TOIS recognises Opportunity, Diversity, and Creativity as fundamental values, integral to fostering an environment where all students can flourish and realize their full potential.

Opportunity @ TOIS means a provision of equitable access to learning resources, experiences, and pathways for individuals from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. By fostering Opportunity in education, TOIS aims to empower students to pursue their academic and personal goals, contributing to their overall success and societal advancement.

Diversity @ TOIS denotes the presence of a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and identities within learning environments. It encompasses differences in ethnicity, culture, language, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, abilities, and more. Embracing Diversity @ TOIS fosters an inclusive and enriching learning environment where students are exposed to different viewpoints, challenge assumptions, and develop critical thinking skills. It also prepares students to thrive in a globalised world by promoting empathy, respect, and understanding across diverse communities.

Creativity @ TOIS refers to the cultivation of imagination, originality, innovation, and problem-solving skills among students. It involves fostering an environment that encourages experimentation, exploration, and risk-taking in learning processes. Creative Education@ TOIS approaches include project-based learning, arts integration, interdisciplinary studies, and opportunities for self-expression. By nurturing Creativity in education, TOIS aims to equip students with the skills and mindset needed to adapt to an ever-evolving world, generate new ideas, and address complex challenges in innovative ways.

Child Protection

The Ostrava International School strives to ensure the welfare and safety of all its students and attempts to create an environment in which the students feel safe and secure. At times, this may involve addressing issues that take place outside of the school building itself.

The health, safety and well-being of all our students are of paramount importance to the entire school staff. Students have the right to protection, regardless of age, gender, race, culture or disability. They have the right to be safe in school.

Abuse and neglect can result in underachievement. The school strives to ensure that all students make good educational progress.

Child Protection Coordination at TOIS

Each member of staff is responsible for being aware of any changes in a student’s appearance, behavior, or psychological state, which may be related to a suspicion of child abuse, and to report this to the Head of School who proceed further in accordance with the TOIS Child Protection Policy.

It is highly important for TOIS to keep its community educated on the subject of Child Protection. TOIS organizes regular annual workshops for staff, students and parents to ensure that all members of the TOIS community feel safe, accepted and listened to.

High Quality Learning and Teaching

A deep understanding of how learners learn is what leads to high quality teaching.

Our fundamental belief is that regardless of age or background, each member of our community has the ability to develop through engaging and meaningful learning journeys.

Our pedagogical practice is drawn from traditional and modern evidence-based principles of learning. Curricular frameworks from the Early Years Centre to the Diploma Programme are designed to be age-appropriate and to lead learners through evermore challenging cycles of personal discovery, connection, and achievement.

TOIS Principles of Learning and Teaching:

  • Learning is a personal, lifelong journey.
  • Learners learn best in an environment of safety, respect, and belonging that nurtures free and open expression.
  • A learner’s own sense of curiosity is the strongest driving force for developing independent thinking and a passion for learning.
  • Learning may take place in collaborative settings of large or small groups, one-on-one, or alone.
  • Purposeful learning can take place at strongly differentiated levels of complexity.
  • Deep learning is achieved when learners can solve meaningful problems, transfer knowledge across subject areas, and extend beyond a given curriculum.
  • Making mistakes, and having the ability to recognise those mistakes, is a key part of learning.
  • Learning progresses more effectively with meaningful feedback and opportunity for reflection.
  • Learning can be seriously disrupted by cognitive or sensory overload.

Intercultural Learning and Global Citizenship

The Ostrava International School believes that Intercultural Learning begins with a respect for our community’s varied international backgrounds.

Embedded into our curriculum and guiding statements is the commitment to guide our learners to discover the great diversity of the world, and to connect with those whose personal, linguistic and cultural backgrounds differ from their own.

We nurture student autonomy to ethically address issues of local and global importance, and the well-being of our common humanity.

We believe that even our youngest learners can begin the process of taking their place as Global Citizens, interested in sustainable development, and taking action to make the world a better place.

One World. Our School.

Digital Citizenship

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At The Ostrava International School, Digital Citizenship is defined as the responsible, secure and harmless use of technology in order to conduct online interaction with other individuals or communities using a variety of platforms. It is the ability to apply critical thinking in the digital world, evaluate information, respect intellectual property, be aware of the digital traits we leave behind and their consequences as well as the ability to find balance between online and offline aspects of life.