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IB Results and University Placement

TOIS is an inclusive school that encourages all of its students to pursue the IB Diploma Programme, if they are prepared to devote the energy and effort needed.

Even with this approach, our small cohorts of IB graduates consistently perform above the world average, and are accepted to universities around the world.

TOIS IB DP Results

Congratulations to our IB DP graduates!
Here are our results over the past 5 years.


Number of IB DP Candidates


Pass rate


Average TOIS Score (world average 30)


Highest score


Average subject score

University Destinations

Although we typically have small graduating classes of 15 students or less, over the past 5 years, our alumni have continued to be accepted at prestigious universities around the world, including:

North America:

USA: Columbia University, Brown University, Rutgers University
Canada: The University of British Columbia

The United Kingdom:

King’s College London, Imperial College London, Westminster University, Queen Mary University London, University of Leeds, Manchester University, Lancaster University,

Continental Europe:

Holland: University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University, the University of Leiden
Germany: TUM Munchen, University of Applied Sciences Europe Hamburg
Spain: Harbour Space University Barcelona
Belgium: VUB Brussels
Italy: University of Torino


Seoul National University, Korea

Hanyang Univerity, Korea

The Czech Republic:

Charles University Prague (Medicine)
Masaryk University Brno (Mathematics)
FAMU Prague (Filmic Arts)
Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze (Bio-Chemical Technology)