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IB Middle Years Programme

The TOIS IB Middle Years Programme supports students aged 11- 15 as they go through transformative change in their personal lives.

In the transition from adolescence to young adulthood, we guide our MYP students to expand the depth and breadth of their understandings.

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We work hard to harness the natural energy and enthusiasm of adolescent learners and provide encouragement, guidance, and expertise to help broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills.


By making cross-curricular connections, students have the chance to develop their unique voices, and to take charge of the choices they make.


Students learn and reflect upon real-world contexts, and complete the Middle Years Programme with the Personal Project Exhibition –  great preparation for the Diploma Programme.

What They Say

It is hard for me to believe sometimes how energetically my son is pursuing his school work. He is always asking questions at the dinner table, and relating what he learned that day.

— A TOIS Parent with a child

in MYP

I like the way the teachers talk to me like a real person.

— A TOIS Learner

in the MYP

Teaching adolescents can be a real challenge, sometimes. But the MYP lets me come to them at their level. There is so much respect built in to MYP teaching and learning. It makes me a better pedagogue and person.

— TOIS MYP Teacher

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