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IB Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme at TOIS prepares students to pursue their post-secondary school goals.

The DP encourages students to discover, connect and achieve their aspirations in a broad array of subject areas, as well as in the specialised fields they will pursue at universities around the world.

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In the Diploma Programme, students dive deep into a wide variety of specialist subjects over an 18-month period to prepare for university.


TOIS’ highly qualified staff lead small groups of students through the rigourous challenges of the Diploma Programme. Public service, reflections on the Theory of Knowledge, and the Extended Essay round out this prestigious programme.


TOIS alumni frequently declare that by completing the Diploma Programme, their first year of university was much easier that it would have otherwise been.

What They Say

The DP Programme set my daughter on the right track to university. It was extremely challenging, but the teaching staff was absolutely focused on helping her to get to where she wanted to go.

— A TOIS Parent with a child

in Early Years

I can't say I loved every day of the DP Programme. But it helped me to grow, and to grow up, and understand what a big world it is out there.

— A TOIS Learner

in the DP

The DP Programme means I get to know my students inside and out, to be a part of their victories, and to share their challenging moments.

— TOIS DP Teacher

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