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Learning @TOIS

At The Ostrava International School, we are all life-long learners.

Discover. Connect. Achieve.

Students and staff are constantly engaged in the joy of Discovery, the enlightenment of Connection, and the satisfaction of Achievement and personal growth.

As an International Baccalaureate Continuum School, we lead much of our learning in global contexts and in reference to the rights and freedoms of individuals.

TOIS Definition
of Learning

Learning is a transformative process of discovering new information, connecting it with what we have already experienced, and deepening our understanding. Learning is a process of changing who we are.

TOIS Learning Principles

Learners learn best in an environment of safety, respect and belonging.

A learner’s own sense of curiosity is the best driving force for their learning.

Learner’s should know what they are learning, why it is of importance, and how it may impact them as individuals and the world around them.

Learners reflect upon where they are in the learning cycle.

Learners accept the opportunity to be challenged, to make mistakes, to reflect, and to try again.

Learners learn to make complex and meaningful connections.

Learners apply their knowledge to evolving and relevant contexts.

Our Libraries

The TOIS Primary and Secondary Libraries are active learning centres for delivering the IB Programmes. In addition to the physical collection of materials, each library has an assortment of ebooks, on-line subscriptions, and access to the network of libraries in the Czech Republic.