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Early Years Programme

The Ostrava International School's Early Years Centre is a welcoming island of learning through play in the centre of Ostrava, for children aged 3-5.

We help young learners to develop their coordination, creativity, and expression skills. With so much available in the immediate vicinity of the school, including Comenius Park, the Ostrava Zoo, and the Arts Museum, our students get to learn and play in environments that encourage dicovery, teamwork and problem solving.

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Providing opportunities for children to discover their world through sensory experience form the basis of TOIS Early Years approach to teaching and learning. We want our children to observe, to listen, to enjoy movement, to touch things, and to express themselves in all kinds of ways.


Whether on their own, in small groups, or in larger assemblies, we provide young learners with lots of opportunities to get involved in activities that they care about.


The Units of Inquiry at the Early Year’s Centre give learners a creative and fun head start in Mathematics, Literacy, Science, the Arts, and PE on the path to the Primary Years Programme.

What They Say

I wish I could have gone to a school like this when I was growing up. My daughter runs to school in the morning and doesn't want to come home in the afternoon. She has fun, and she brings her learning home to me.

— A TOIS Parent with a child

in Early Years

The approach to teaching and learning in the IB, and in this school, is something I believe in completely.

— TOIS Early Years Teacher

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